We don't just believe in TRIGGERNAUT, we live and breath it. We spend our time in the snow, in the water, in the hills and on the mountains. We do action sports to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Sports like kitesurfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, longboarding, skiing, climbing and hiking, kayaking and much more.

TRIGGERNAUT sports glasses hit the nerve of every dynamic and active athlete who becomes a hero himself in daily life. TRIGGERNAUT is not just a logo or a brand. It is a symbol of the lifestyle of all athletes who defy the elements while doing sports.

TRIGGERNAUT has been designing and developing sports glasses and accessories since 2006. As a label, we are responsible for further developing our products and features and adapting them to the changing requirements of element heroes all over the world.

Our products defy the elements and protect those who wear them. Sports glasses are essential to protect your eyes from UV radiation, water and dirt and TRIGGERNAUT is proud to offer you products that can do just that. TRIGGERNAUT sports glasses offer outstanding quality products and can be worn in every situation and in every sport. Close contact with contract athletes and customers in order to continuously develop our sports glasses is our most important requirement. It is our goal to continuously improve our products and to maximize customer benefits with our features.


We don't compromise on the choice of materials. All TRIGGERNAUT frames are made of a light, highly flexible and shatterproof high-performance polyamide called TR 90 ... THESE FRAMES CAN BE BENT FLAT!

TRIGGERNAUT lenses are made exclusively from shatterproof polycarbonate. Our frames and glasses have proven that they CAN WITHSTAND SERIOUS IMPACT and thus protect athletes from injuries in the event of an accident.

The lenses of our sports glasses are equipped with a hydrophobic coating. Similar to the lotus effect, water droplets roll off the glass more easily and remove dirt residues at the same time, which leads to a clearer view. You can tell the poor quality of sports glasses if you get a headache while wearing them. This is caused by an optical distortion from a non-prismatic cut. TRIGGERNAUT sunglasses with a strong curvature therefore contain lenses with a prismatic cut for an accurate field of vision.

All those with poor eyesight know the problem of finding the right sunglasses for their prescription all too well. It becomes even more difficult if you are looking for glasses that can even be worn while exercising. TRIGGERNAUT sports glasses were developed in close cooperation with sports opticians, so that it is ensured that you can get sports glasses with your prescription directly from us without much effort. Simply contact us so that we can make you an individual offer.