At TRIGGERNAUT, we don’t just believe it but we live it. We live in the snow, in the water, on the land and even in the air. To escape the busyness that comes with everyday life and our daily routines, we all turn to sports including kitesurfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, longboarding, skiing, hiking, kayaking and many more.

TRIGGERNAUT sportsglasses address the needs of a dynamic and active sportsman or sportswoman who becomes an elementhero in their everyday life.
The TRIGGERNAUT elementhero is not only a logo and trademark, but rather a symbol of this lifestyle that unites all sportsmen who practice their sport in the elements.

TRIGGERNAUT has been committed to designing and developing sportsglasses and accessories since 2006.
As a label, we feel responsible to continue developing features according to the ever-evolving needs and wants of the elementheroes around the world.

Our products withstand the elements and protect wearers from those elements. Sportsglasses are critical to the protection of your eyes against the UV radiation, water and dirt and TRIGGERNAUT takes pride in providing you a product that does just that. TRIGGERNAUT sportsglasses offer special quality characteristics and can be worn in all areas of sports. Cooperation with our teamriders and customers to further develop TRIGGERNAUT sportsglasses and accessories is of the utmost importance to us. It is our goal to constantly improve our products and match our features to the needs of our users.



TRIGGERNAUT products are built with quality in mind. We do not compromise when it comes to choosing the right material.
The frames are made out of a light, highly flexible and shatterproof high performance polyamide TR 90, which features a high portion of nylon fiber.
Our lenses are made out of shatterproof polycarbonate.

These frames and lenses have proven to survive major impacts and protect the wearer against eye injuries.

Our sportsglasses are equipped with hydrophic lenses. Similar to the lotus effect, the water easily drips off and simultaneously removes residue on the lenses resulting in a clearer view. No more water drops on your lenses. You know glasses are low-quality sunglasses when wearing them causes a headache. This is a result of the visual distortion from non-prismatic lenses. For sportsglasses, especially those with a sportive curvation, TRIGGERNAUT features prismatic lenses for an accurate sight. Conventional non-prismatic lenses distort objects which often results in a headache.

Those who wear prescription glasses are well aware of the problem to find suitable sunglasses with their prescription. This problem is even more prominent when searching for a pair that can be even worn during sports. TRIGGERNAUT sportsglasses are developed in cooperation with optician to ensure that you can easily get your sportsglasses with your prescription.