The Triggernaut Sports Glasses Story

Built for action. Since 2006 TRIGGERNAUT has been on a mission to provide awesome eyewear for action sports junkies. We will never compromise on design or material to ensure we provide insanely robust, super high-quality eyewear that looks great and protects our customer’s eyes.

We don't just believe in TRIGGERNAUT, we live and breathe it. We spend our time on the snow, in the water, in the hills and on the mountains. We love action sports for the thrill, the amazing places they take you to and friendships formed over a shared passion. We want eyewear that will work not only on the water and in the mountains (which are super high UV environments) but also represent our love for the outdoors in everyday life.

Founded in Germany by kite surfers (and product designers … but mostly kite surfers 😉). TRIGGERNAUT has consistently come up with ground-breaking market leading action sports eyewear.

Late in 2020 TRIGGERNAUT Sports Glasses was bought by TGKA Brands Ltd in the UK. The business is owned by lifelong sailor, windsurfer and snowboarder George Kingsnorth who also attempts to keep up with his kids on a mountain bike. We are passionate about sports, delivering great product into the action sports market and seeing new people enjoying our products as much as we do.

Enjoy the ride!