Payment is required no later than the date detailed as the ‘Due Date’ on the invoice.

Where the Due Date is the same as the invoice date TGKA Brands Ltd will only despatch goods once the invoice has been paid in full.

If goods have been delivered in advance of payment, they remain the property of TGKA Brands Ltd until this invoice is paid in full.

In the event of non-payment of the invoice and the Directors of TGKA Brands Ltd being of the opinion that payment will not be forth coming, TGKA Brands Ltd have the right to remove stock they have supplied to the entity named on this invoice, from the premises where it is stored, by or on behalf of, the invoiced entity to the value owed.

Goods will be identified as supplied by TGKA Brands Ltd by product code, brand or by visual identification by a representative of TGKA Brands Ltd who may be from a separate company or agency contracted by TGKA Brands Ltd.

In the event of goods being returned to TGKA Brands Ltd for credit against outstanding invoices the invoiced entity will be liable for transport costs. TGKA Brands Ltd will only be responsible for the goods once they have been received by TGKA Brands Ltd. In the event of TGKA Brands Ltd being required to recover goods from the premises in which they are stored by the invoiced entity, costs incurred by TGKA brands Ltd in so doing will be passed onto the invoiced entity. These will be calculated as follows: Mileage at 45p per mile plus £250, this is to cover transport costs plus the cost of paying a person for a day to execute the recovery.

The credited value of goods returned to or recovered by TGKA Brands Ltd will be 15% less than their originally invoiced value. This is to cover the cost of handling and preparing the goods for re sale.

TGKA Brands Ltd will write down the credit value of any goods recovered or returned which are in shop soiled condition or no longer feature in the current ranges of the brands supplied by TGKA Brands Ltd by at least 50% of their original invoiced value, the percentage written down may be more depending on how badly soiled or damaged the goods are. Current ranges are defined by the catalogues and price lists covering a given season or year issued by TGKA Brands Ltd in relation to brands supplied by TGKA Brands Ltd.

Receipt of the invoice is taken as acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.